26.10.2020 03:16

The conference of programme operators and donor state took place on Romaniaprint

18.03.2016 19:43

The conference of programme operators and donor state of Norwegian financial instrument (NFI) took place in Romania on March 15.-16., 2016 relating to implementation of programmes and communication issues.

The conference was organized into two parts. In the first part programme operators were sharing mutual experiences and discussed on topical issues in the implementation of the programme. In the second part, there was talk of more efficient communication methods and tools to transfer the information to the society.

The programme operators expressed great interest on information about next funding period, presented by representative of Financial Mechanism Office Dís Sigurgeirsdóttir.

The conference was an excellent platform for strengthening bilateral relationships and already established contacts, thus improving collaboration between programme operators and donor state.

Kim Ekhaugen, Director of International Unit, Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service and Agris Batalauskis, Director of Project Departament, Ministry of Justice of Republic of Latvia.