06.08.2020 03:49

Closing conference of Norwegian Financial Mechanism programme PL17 “Improvement of Correctional Services Including Non-custodial Sanctions” held in Polandprint

08.12.2017 12:41

On 28 November 2017, the closing conference devoted to the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (hereinafter — the NFM) planning period of 2009-2014 programme PL17 “Improvement of Correctional Services Including Non-custodial Sanctions” was held in Popów, Poland.

The conference was organised by the Central Board of Prison Service. The event was attended by project promoters, representatives of the programme Donor States, representatives of the Ministry of Justice and Latvian Prison Administration, as well as Lithuania, Czech Republic, Romania, and Ukraine.

Overall seven projects were implemented within the scope of programme PL17 by improving the system of Poland’s correctional services. In total, 24,000 employees participated in various trainings and 5000 inmates participated in dog therapy (also known as canis therapy) throughout the project duration. In addition, equipped facilities intended specifically for children are now available at prisons, thereby ensuring a friendlier environment while visiting the relatives. Likewise, equipment was purchased for prisons, information technology systems were developed and introduced.

In order to ensure further development of the system of correctional services not only in each beneficiary country separately, but in several countries at the same time, as well as in order to build a common understanding of the development areas of the systems of correctional services, the Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service, acting as donor programme partner, has made an offer for closer co-operation among donor countries in Europe. Through participation in the NFM programme PL17 closing conference in Poland, representatives of the Ministry of Justice implemented one of the primary objectives of the Norwegian partners, namely, strengthened co-operation among countries. Further work in this direction will be continued also in the subsequent planning period of the NFM for 2014-2021 during which international co-operation will be necessary to establish a training centre for the employees of correctional services in the territory of Olaine Prison.

Total financing of programme PL17 equals to EUR 13,000,000.