26.10.2020 02:35
Festival "LAMPA" holds discussion "Execution of Criminal Penalty in Latvia – for Revenge or Justice?"
26.07.2017 09:53
The Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 planning period comes closer to an end. In order to acknowledge what has been done, newly established and achieved across all programmes of the planning period, the Ministry of Finance invited all programme managers and recipients of funding to come together within the conversation festival "Lampa" and inform the Latvian public about what has been achieved.
Projects of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism at the conversation festival "Lampa"
05.06.2017 14:00
The conversation festival “Lampa” became known to wider Latvian society in 2015, becoming one of most eye-catching sets of intellectual events in summer in Latvia with an extensive programme and open, cooperation-oriented environment for various public and non-governmental organizations.
Final conference: Four Forms of Offender Rehabilitation - Towards an Interdisciplinary Model
23.12.2016 10:29
On December 14th to 16th 2016 the final conference of Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 co-financed projects LV08/1 "Increasing the Application of Alternatives to Imprisonment (Including Possible Pilot Project on Electronic Surveillance)" and LV08/2 "Establishment of a new prison block in Olaine prison, including construction and training of staff" was held in Jurmala, hotel "Hotel Jurmala SPA".
Submission and appraisal of the pre-defined projects
17.07.2013 11:03
The submission and appraisal of the three pre-defined projects was conducted in the framework of the Programme LV08 “Reform of the Latvian Correctional Services and Police Detention Centers” of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.