26.10.2020 03:06

Contacts of Projectsprint

28.02.2014 15:27

  • The pre-defined project Nr.LV08/1 “Increasing the Application of Alternatives to Imprisonment (Including Possible Pilot Project on Electronic Surveillance)”

State Probation Service
Project Manager: Imants Jurevičius
Phone No.: 67244866
e-mail: Imants.Jurevicius@vpd.gov.lv

  • The pre-defined project Nr.LV08/2 “Establishment of a new prison block in Olaine prison, including construction and training staff”

Latvian Prison Administration
Project Manager: Maris Luste
Phone No.: 28602900
e-mail: Maris.Luste@ievp.gov.lv

  • The pre-defined project Nr.LV08/3 “Improving the Standard of Latvian State Police detention centres, including activities aimed at improving infrastructure, reducing/abolishing the current practice of administrative detention, changing the practice or returning remand prisoners for further investigation, ensuring adequate training for staff working at police detention facilities”

State Police
Head of Central Administrative Department
of the State Police of Latvia,
Project Manager: Renate Fila
Phone No.: 67075019
e-mail: Renate.Fila@vp.gov.lv