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Festival "LAMPA" holds discussion "Execution of Criminal Penalty in Latvia – for Revenge or Justice?"print

26.07.2017 09:53

The Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 planning period comes closer to an end. In order to acknowledge what has been done, newly established and achieved across all programmes of the planning period, the Ministry of Finance invited all programme managers and recipients of funding to come together within the conversation festival "Lampa" and inform the Latvian public about what has been achieved.

Despite the rain, the beautiful park of Cesis Castle was a place where more than 10,000 people gathered on 30th June and 1st July in order to understand, participate, think and discuss matters important in Latvia, Europe, and worldwide. On 30th June at 2PM the Ministry of Justice, being the manager of programme LV08 "Reform of the Latvian Correctional Services and Police Detention Centres", in collaboration with the State Probation Service and the Prison Administration who implemented the project, organized a discussion on the stage "DOTS" regarding execution of criminal penalty in Latvia. Although the weather outside was chilly and it was raining, those interested participated in the discussion "Execution of Criminal Penalty in Latvia – for Revenge or Justice?" by answering, among other things, questions asked by moderator Aidis Tomsons. The discussion was broadcasted online, and the recording is now available on the LMT stream website: http://straume.lmt.lv/lv/konferences/konferences/kriminalsoda-izpilde/1001585.

Within the framework of the discussion, various aspects of a criminal penalty were discussed by the Project Manager of the Latvian Prison Administration Māris Luste, the Head of the State Probation Service Mihails Papsujevičs, the Founder of the Street Culture and Sports Movement "Ghetto Games" Raimonds Elbakjans, volunteers Raimonds Jirgensons and Linda Galino, Rube Goldberg philosopher Alberto Di Gennaro. A musical performance was given by rapper Ansis of a hip-hop song composed within the musical project between the Kanepes Culture Centre and Dirty Deal Audio in cooperation with the imprisoned youngsters at the Cesis Correctional Facility for Minors.

Once the discussion on the "DOTS" stage was over, from 4PM to 5:30PM the State Probation Service and representatives of the Prison Administration continued discussions with those interested at the "Tent of Opportunities". Evija Jansone, Vita Multiņa and Kristiāns Blumbergs, employees of the Olaine Prison Addiction Centre, and Ance Gaigaliete - Ābola and Linda Kušnire, representatives of the Prison Administration, informed the audience about resocialization options given by the Prison Administration at the places of imprisonment and the Addiction Centre opened in 2016; furthermore, the festival visitors had a chance to learn about volunteering options. Ilvars Vītols, the Head of the Electronic Monitoring Centre of the Monitoring and Probation Programmes Department, the State Probation Service, and Jānis Klūga, the Head of the Monitoring Division of the Monitoring and Probation Programmes Department, informed the audience about how the electronic monitoring system of convicts works.

Whereas on 1 July 2017 from 4PM to 5:30PM at the "Tent of Opportunities" Renāte Fila-Roķe, the Chief of the Main Administrative Board at the State Police; Jana Kezika, the Head of the Project Division of the Main Administrative Board at the State Police; Aldis Pāže, the Chief of the Cesis Police Station of the Vidzeme Regional Board at the State Police; Inese Janušone, the Senior Inspector at the Services Coordination Bureau of the Coordination and Controls Board, the Main Civil Police Board of the State Police dispelled myths within activity "State Police – Myth and Truth" about the specifics of the police work and environment. Representatives from the special tasks battalion demonstrated how the detention process takes place – from the moment of the offence up until placement in a cell. Furthermore, those in the audience had a chance to listen to the most interesting stories from the daily affairs of the temporary keeping places and to enjoy the 1st July lunch offer at the temporary keeping places. Here you can take a look at the activities done by the project implementers at the "Tent of Opportunities": https://youtu.be/qO7_CX7JZAES.

Participation of the State Probation Service at the conversation festival "Lampa" http://www.probacija.lv/zina-lampa-22062017.

Participation of the Prison Administration at the conversation festival "Lampa" http://www.ievp.gov.lv/index.php/207-kriminalsoda-izplde-latvija-atriebibai-vai-taisnigumam-diskusija-sarunu-festivala-lampa.