26.10.2020 02:28
Following the reconstruction/ renovation 21 objects of the State Police have been put into operation
10.06.2016 14:03
Within the framework of Activity 5 of project LV08/3 "Improvement of Standards in State Police Short-term Detention Centres" of Norwegian Financial Mechanism implemented by the State Police, reconstruction/renovation was performed in 21 objects of the State Police – 10 short-term detention centres and 11 premises of temporary keeping in the whole territory of Latvia.
Ministry of Justice, State Secretary R. Kronbergs: A reform in temporary custody institutions is successfully taking place
22.03.2016 11:38
On Wednesday, 16 March State Secretary of Ministry of Justice Raivis Kronbergs is attending the opening of international scientific conference “Basic principles of following and restriction proportionality of person’s rights an freedom in the work of police”. Conference is held in the framework of financial instrument of Norway, period of years 2009-2014 program “Reform of correction institutions and temporary custody institutions of State Police”.
Cabinet of Ministers approves the legislative proposals developed by the State Police in the field of short-term detention
28.12.2015 09:45
On December 15, 2015 the Cabinet of Ministers supported the legislative proposals drafted by the State Police within the scope of the Activity No.3 „Existing legislation analysis for developing proposals for improvement of STDC field and their submission to the Chief of the State Police of Latvia” of the the project LV08 /3 "Improving the Standard of Latvian State Police detention centres" implemented by the State Police.
State Police short-term detention staff trainings
28.12.2015 09:38
State Police staff trainings took place in September-December, 2015, within the scope of the Activity No.4 „Training for State Police short-term detention centres (STDC) personnel” of the project LV08 /3 "Improving the Standard of Latvian State Police detention centres" implemented by the State Police.
Reconstruction/renovation works in the first State Police objects have been finished
14.12.2015 18:50
Within the scope of Norwegian finance instrument project LV08/3 “Improvement of standards for State Police short-term places of detention” realized by State Police, reconstruction/renovation works have been executed in 21 State Police object - 10 short-term detention centers and 11 places of temporary keeping in Latvia.