28.02.2020 23:04

Cabinet of Ministers approves the legislative proposals developed by the State Police in the field of short-term detentionprint

28.12.2015 09:45

On December 15, 2015 the Cabinet of Ministers supported the legislative proposals drafted by the State Police within the scope of the Activity No.3 „Existing legislation analysis for developing proposals for improvement of STDC field and their submission to the Chief of the State Police of Latvia” of the the project LV08 /3 "Improving the Standard of Latvian State Police detention centres" implemented by the State Police.

This amendment package provides the changes in the following legal acts, submitted to the Parliament:

  1. The Law "On Police";
  2. Law On The Sentence Execution Code of Latvia ;
  3. Law On the Procedures for Holding the Detained Persons .

As well as the amendments in the Cabinet Regulations No.289 of April 11, 2006 "Regulations regarding the List of Objects Permitted for the Storage in the Short-time Place of Detention" have been approved by the Cabinet, which provides that tobacco products, matches and lighters shall be removed from the list of items allowed for storage at STDC cameras. Amendments shall enter into force on 1 January, 2016.