28.02.2020 22:59

State Police short-term detention staff trainingsprint

28.12.2015 09:38

State Police staff trainings took place in September-December, 2015, within the scope of the Activity No.4 „Training for State Police short-term detention centres (STDC) personnel” of the project LV08 /3 "Improving the Standard of Latvian State Police detention centres" implemented by the State Police.

State Police College developed 40 hours long adult non-formal educational programme "Legal and practical aspects of work of State Police STDC officials with special service ranks", which was implemented in 5 groups during the period from September to December this year, in total 101 State Police officers were trained.

These trainings received  excellent feedback from participants. Taking into account the recommendations of the participants, on December 1, 2015 the State Police experts in cooperation with experts from the State Police College, as well as the Council of Europe, started work on the development of practical guidelines intended for staff of STDC and places of temporary keeping. The guidelines will be a comprehensive practical material and issued both - in polygraphic format, as well as placed in the digital format of the State Police Internal website to be kept up to date.