06.08.2020 03:20

A study visit to Estonia on electronic monitoring issuesprint

01.10.2013 15:32

On 23 to 27 September 2013 participants of the State Probation Service of Latvia Project No.LV08/1 “Increasing the Application of Alternatives to Imprisonment (Including Possible Pilot Project on Electronic Surveillance)” (hereinafter - the Project ) carried out a study visit to Estonia to explore Estonian experience in the implementation of electronic monitoring.

Estonians began general discussion on electronic monitoring in 2004, and then in 2006 launched a project on electronic monitoring and the first electronic bracelets were put on conditionally released prisoners on 22 May2007. During the visit the participants met with representatives of the Ministry of Justice of Estonia, prison and probation officers and judges to explore Estonia's experience in the implementation of electronic monitoring. Participants also met policy makers and learned about the legislative history of electronic monitoring, topical issues and future perspectives. Participants visited Viru Prison, Johvi and Tartu Criminal Supervision Services and got an insight into the practical daily work with electronic monitoring.

The participants:

Sandra Daugaviete - Chief Prosecutor of Specialized Prosecution Office;

Elita Jurkjāne - Chief Prosecutor of Methodology Division of Prosecutors General Office;

Ilona Kornberga - Centre for Public Policy "PROVIDUS” lawyer, researcher;

Kristine Ķipēna - Ministry of Justice, Division of Sectorial Policy of Criminal Penalty Execution Policy Division;

Oksana Kulakova - Prison Administration, Head of Legal Service;

Jānis Nicmanis – State Probation Service, Project Coordinator;

Sandis Puks - State Probation Service, Project lawyer;

Ilvars Vītols - State Probation Service, Officer of Presentence Reports Division.