06.08.2020 03:40

In State Probation Service working group has started to work on the development of re-socialization tools meant for juvenile offendersprint

23.01.2015 15:52

In January 2015 Project of the State Probation Service (hereinafter – Service) of Latvia Nr.LV08/1 “Increasing the Application of Alternatives to Imprisonment (Including Possible Pilot Project on Electronic Surveillance)” in order to develop re-socialization tools meant for juvenile offenders and to involve volunteers from the society (hereinafter - volunteer) to reach of goals of the service has set up a working group which in the next few months will work on theoretical and practical aspects of the volunteering work.

The working group is intended to develop a pilot project of voluntary work which will help better to reach the objectives of the Service. It is planned that the Service will involve about 60 confreres who will conduct common activities with young offenders (aged 14 to 25 years) to help them acquire useful skills and strengthen values and interests that support re-socialization. At present, in the agenda of working group is definition of exact target group of clients, the tasks and methodology of the volunteers as well as the cooperation and coordination issues of the involved parties. By the end of April 2015 will also address questions about the recruitment of volunteers and the selection criteria, training of volunteers and content of it. These issues will be addressed taking into account the experience in projects implemented in Latvia so far in the field of organization of voluntary work, Latvian legislation and the planned amendments of laws.