06.08.2020 04:23

Meeting of the probation and prison staff in the Netherlandsprint

25.09.2013 15:00

On 20th September 2013 a preparatory meeting for CEP/Europris seminar on common approaches and barriers to education and training within the probation and prison staff was held in Utrecht, Netherlands

The seminar is planned to be held from 10th to 11th of December 2013 in Amersfoort, Netherlands.

The meeting was attended by 12 probation and prison training experts from different European countries - the Netherlands, Slovenia, France, Latvia, Norway, Ireland and the United Kingdom. During this meeting participants briefly presented the educational system of their countries. The teaching is organized very differently in each of these countries (training, theoretical and practical apportionment, access to training and teaching methods), and largely influenced by each country's historical development (the "old" and the "new" EU member states), as well as cultural differences.

During the meeting the participants discussed and "brainstormed" five issues/topics for further elaboration at the CEP/Europris seminar workshops. Those topics are the following: staff selection and training, professional burn-out, e-learning, motivation and evaluation. Planned results of the December seminar group are to develop concrete recommendations and practical outcomes that probation and prison staff will be able to use in their daily work. These recommendations will be available on the CEP/Europris website.