24.09.2020 18:41

Submission and appraisal of the pre-defined projectsprint

17.07.2013 11:03

The submission and appraisal of the three pre-defined projects was conducted in the framework of the Programme LV08 “Reform of the Latvian Correctional Services and Police Detention Centers” of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

According to the Regulation on the implementation of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, prior to preparing and signing the Project Agreements the appraisal of the pre-defined projects shall be conducted. The appraisal procedure took place during the Cooperation Committee meeting on December 5-6, 2012 in Riga, Latvia. The Cooperation Committee meetings are organized on a regular basis in Latvia and Norway. Members from the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Latvia and the Norwegian Directorate for Correctional Services of the Kingdom of Norway participate with voting rights, while the Financial Mechanism Bureau, the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia may participate as observers.

At the Cooperation Committee meeting of December 2012, the three pre-defined projects were appraised based on the Criteria of Quality and the Criteria of Compliance. To prevent any shortcoming and to mitigate risks, the Members of the Committee evaluated the overall quality of the projects.

Taking into account the specific characteristics and a complex approach towards each of the three pre-defined projects, as well as the different project partners and the varied conditions of the partnerships, the appraisal time of each project is individual. At the end of the process of project appraisal the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia as the Programme Operator together with the Project Promoter introduce final amendments in the project application, and the project application is sent for approval to the Financial Mechanism Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway. Pursuant to a positive resolution from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, the Project Agreement may be drafted.