11.05.2021 13:14
Latvia shares experience with Bulgaria on implementation of a Norway Grants project
13.06.2020 12:19
On 11 June 2020, a trilateral knowledge exchange video meeting took place with participants from institutions involved in the implementation of correctional services programs in Latvia, Bulgaria, and Norway. In response to the invitation of Norway as the donor state, representatives from the Latvian Prison Administration, which is simultaneously the programme "Correctional Services" project implementor in Latvia, presented to partners from the Bulgarian General Directorate "Execution services" the progress of the implementation of the project activity "Construction".
The implementation of project is launched in the frame of Norway Grants programme "Correctional Services"
11.07.2019 09:42
The festival LAMPA will host conversation about work and reforms in process of training prison staff
27.06.2019 09:18
Invitation to submit Norway Grants period 2014–2021 programme "Correctional Services" pre-defined project proposal sent to project applicant Latvian Prison Administration
11.04.2019 13:40
The representatives from Norwegian Correctional Services visited the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia
14.06.2018 15:44