11.05.2021 12:34
Training to be carried out in six EU countries with the support of the Norway Grants for the quality assessment of the correctional system
26.06.2020 10:43
On 18 June 2020, a meeting of the Norway Grants International Working Group "Evaluation and Indicators” took place, where representatives from Norway, Latvia and five other European countries met remotely.
Sixth Cooperation Committee meeting of the programme "Correctional Services" was held remotely
05.05.2020 16:27
The Annual Report of Programne "Correctional Services" for 2019 has been prepared
23.03.2020 14:52
The Annual Report of Programme "Correctional Services" for 2019 provides information on the results achieved under the Programme and the progress of implementation, bilateral cooperation activities and initiatives, performance indicators, programme monitoring, and risk assessment.
Fifth Cooperation Committee meeting of programme "Correctional Services" held in Oslo
09.09.2019 11:35
From 9 to 11 September 2019 Oslo, Norway welcomed fifth Cooperation Committee meeting of Norway Grants (hereinafter – the NG) 2014-2021 programme "Correctional Services" (hereinafter – the Programme)
The festival LAMPA will host conversation about work and reforms in process of training prison staff
27.06.2019 09:18