11.05.2021 14:29
Implementation of the Norway Grants programme "Correctional Services" started
22.03.2019 15:20
On 22 March 2019 the Foreign Ministry of the Kingdom of Norway and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia signed the agreement on the implementation of the Norway Grants period 2014–2021 programme "Correctional Services" in Latvia, and on 25 March 2019, in the Ministry Justice of the Republic of Latvia will take the opening event of programme "Correctional Services".
Representatives from Latvian and Lithuanian justice and correctional services sectors meet in the Addiction Centre in Olaine
30.11.2018 11:28
Representatives from the Lithuanian Ministry of Justice visited the Olaine prison and the Addiction Centre that was established in Olaine prison territory with the support of the Norway Grants. As part of the visit, Lithuanian colleagues were introduced to the principles of the Centre’s activities and were discussed further cooperation opportunities also.
Representative from Ukrainian and Norwegian justice and correctional service sectors visit the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia
26.11.2018 14:19
Representatives of the Norwegian and Ukrainian justice sector, the Probation Service and the NORLAU project visited the Ministry of Justice to discuss with the specialists of the Ministry of Justice and State Probation Service Latvia's experience in introducing of electronic surveillance, to address the challenges Latvia faced during the implementation of the initiative and discuss the results. During the visit, further cooperation possibilities between Latvia, Ukraine and Norway to facilitate the introduction of electronic monitoring system in Ukraine were discussed.
Liepaja is about to hold the third meeting of the Cooperation Committee of programme "Correctional Services"
05.11.2018 09:22
The Ministry of Justice, as an operator of the Norway Grants period 2014-2021 programme "Correctional Services" to organize from 31 October 2018 to 1 November 2018 at the Liepaja Prison the third meeting of the Cooperation Committee of the programme in order to discuss topical issues with the representatives of the Latvian and Norwegian correctional services.
The Cabinet of Ministers supports concept note project of the Norway Grants programme "Correctional Services"
26.07.2018 14:52